Transparency Template

As member of the European Gas Storage (GSE) we decided to publish the needed transparency information, in particular the one requested by Regulation 715/2009, in form of the following sitemap.

Macro Area Submenu TGE page
1 Contact Contact Kontakt
2 Service and facilities Technical characteristics Daten & Fakten
Products and services Buchbare Speicherprodukte
3 How to become a customer/user How to book capacity Lizensierung
Contract information AGB
TSO information
4 Capacities Primary market Buchbare Speicherprodukte
Primary market
5 Tariffs and pricing Pricing/Tariff information AGB
Fee/Tariff calculator
6 Legal documentation Storage codes AGB
Regulation and legislation AGB
7 Operational information Maintenance Instandhaltung
Operational dates Bewegungsdaten
8 Miscellaneous Projects